• Wild Country Xenon Wire Gate Carabiner

Wild Country Xenon Wire Gate Carabiner

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The Xenon has a classic bow back shape and has a feel so that only a full size biner can give, yet weight is shaved by adapting some of the ideas and technology gleaned from the' I Beam Back' of the Helium.

And although the Xenon is not a true I Beam it gains another benefit from not being, which is that is has a very thin nose profile and great for tight clips or old bolts and it's super slim making it great for racking. Built with safety in mind the Xenon sports a new, 'hooding' around the nose, which helps to prevent accidental opening against the rock, yet, at the same time sports a slim profile for quick clipping. This is partly made possible with a new 'narrow-wire' gate - meaning that tight spots are no problem for this unit.

Essentially the Xenon offers a great deal to the all round climber wishing to up grade their rack and shave some weight, with a cleverly designed low profile unit that enhances clipping and racking.

The Xenon also comes in three lengths of QDs that come on 10mm with Wild Country's new Vice – our plastic sheath that grips the sling and holds the bottom biner firmly in place for better clipping. There are also great value sets of Biner 5 packs and Quickdraw 5 packs available.

Hot forged, Tech Wire gate, Hooded Nose. 3 Sigma Rated, UIAA, CE EN 12275, 7075 Alloy. All Wild Country karabiners are ‘proof loaded’ to 10kN and 100% inspected by hand.

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