• Wild Country Wild Wire QuickDraw: 10cm/15cm/20cm

Wild Country Wild Wire QuickDraw: 10cm/15cm/20cm

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One of Wild Country's most identifiable and popular biners it continues to be a great value unit and Wild Country's best seller, offering great value for trad climbing, sports and all-around use.

Simple, light and elegant to use, its smooth action and Techwire gate makes clipping a joy and its open shape and bow back sits neatly in the hand for all uses. As a hot forged biner its strength is re-assuringly good and the Techwire gate - one the best solutions for a wiregate - means that it has a big gate open measurement for easy clipping.

This was the first pair of krabs to get Wild Country's distinctive colourway of silver top and red bottom to define the clipping end against the bolt end. A practice we have continued to date as it allows the climber to make sure they keep any rough edges from bolt clipping away from the rope...

Weighing in at a very acceptable 93 grams / 3.28 oz for the 10cm this is a very good all around unit and is at a fantastic price.

Wild-wire QDs come in three lengths 10cm 4” / 15cm 6” / 20cm 8”and all on our classic 12mm Dyneema express slings.

All our quickdraws come with Wild Country's new Vice – our plastic sheath that grips the sling and holds the bottom biner firmly in place for better clipping. For all quickdraws there are also great value five pack sets available.

Sizes: 10cm, 15cm, 20cm

Colour: Red/Silver

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