Wild Country Anodised Rocks

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Wild Country Anodised Rocks

The original curved nut, and probably the best selling piece of protection ever made, Wild Country Rocks continue to lead the pack. Offering a host of unbeatable features they add an extra dimension to any rack making selection and placement faster and better than ever.

Anodised Rocks are based on the original rocks, the first ever curved nut, but have been updated to became to bechmark unit for the modern era. Recently overhauled the current range has the thinnest, lightest sidewalls possible making them incredibly light for their size and meaning you can carry more for less weight. There's an increased range as well with the Rocks 11 -14 becoming a great wired equivalent to the mega-useful Rockentrics. This means they are a simple and cheap equivalent to bigger cams for those just starting out as well as better tool for winter climbing.

Additionally, subtle matt anodising makes Rocks easier to distinguish and faster to select. It is also important to note that each colour co-ordinates with the equivalent Friend and Zero size as well as all other colour coded Wild Country products. e.g a Rock 6 in Red is the same size as a Zero cam 6 and a Friend 0. Finally a neat five degree side cut gives new and more solid ‘end-on’ placement possibilities.

All Rocks are individually tested and 3 sigma rated.

Tapered sides, thinner side walls, colour coding, fourteen sizes. Sets available 1-8 / 9-14. 6082 T6 alloy 3 Sigma rated, CE EN12270, UIAA 122.