Symonds Yat Climbing Guide

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Guide: Climber's Club Guide,Symonds Yat

This guidebook completes the three-volume series of guides to the Wye Valley and the Forest of Dean and will be published in mid July.

As well as taking a fresh look at the popular Symonds Yat cliffs, the guide includes the central Forest of Dean quarries and the Cotswolds and a supplement to the Sandstone Outcrops of the Forest of Dean (published 2006). The book is lavishly illustrated with maps, detailed photodiagrams for almost every crag, and many action photos.

Colossal Youth ( E5, Mountain Valley Rocks) Guy Percival Mark Davies
Guy Percival on Colossal Youth ( E5, Mountain Valley Rocks) Photo Mark Davies

This new supplement from the Climbers’ Club attempts to pull together all known or reported developments that have taken place since the publication of the three definitive guides to the Wye Valley area starting back in 2007. Four new crags: Mounton Valley Rocks, near Chepstow; Plumweir Cliff above Shorn Cliff, and Bailey Quarry and the Celestial Walls near Symonds Yat are also included.