Superfeet Footbeds Trail Blazer Comfort Mens

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Do you suffer with painful feet? Then Superfeet might have the answer. 

At Apex we specialise in custom boot fitting and  are Superfeet fitting specialists.  They work by stabilising your feet through rear foot support and in turn help put your body into the correct alignment, easing not just foot pain.

Their 3D design help increase the comfort of your flat 2D midsoles of your shoes and stabilise your foot whilst the deep structured heel cup and full length foam insert helps to create support and comfort.

Trailblazer  insoles by Superfeet are designed for hikers, hill walkers and those walking on uneven ground. It supports your feet securely minimising fatigue, reducing shifting that can lead to hotspots and blisters. The shock absorbing Aerospring dual comfort foam enhances comfort even on the roughest terrain. 

EVOlyte Flexibile carbon fibre stabiliser cap improves support and satbility for the trail.

6mm Aerospring Ascnet dual foam layer

Layer 1 - 3mm foam for full comfort on the roughest terrain

layer 2 - 3mm ulktra resilient foam for reliable stability during the rigors of a good hike. 

Heel cup helps against heel slip and toes hitting the front of the boot

Superfeet shape minizies the effect of hard ascent and descents

Advanced MoistureWick with odor control so your boots won't chase you out of your tent