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Storm Kettle

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Make a brew anywhere in the world, any time, using locally sourced natural fuel!

A handful of sticks is all that is needed to boil water quickly and efficiently.

Our STORM KETTLE Range is the lightest, most robust and compact Storm Kettle available today. 

The F2, F3 & F4 range are perfect for multi person groups or long days at basecamp where larger quantities of hot water are required. F2 will make 2 / 3 mugs of hot water, F3 - 3- 4 mugs and the F4, our largest kettle, will produce 4 to 5 Mugs of hot water...all from a handful of sticks!

Pride of place on this range is the F1 a one man back packable kettle and the F1Ti, a titanium hard anodised kettle. Aimed at the outdoor soloist, the F1 range comes into its own where space and weight saving are a premium backed with the surety that wherever you are, you know you can boil water without the concern of running out of fuel. The webbing support displays the Union Jack, providing our assurance that our F1 and F1Ti are made right here in Great Britain.

Titanium hard anodised kettle have the strength and durability of Stainless Steel with the Lightness of Aluminium.  

The pride and certainty we place in our materials and workmanship is fully supported by a full LIFETIME GUARENTEE

Made in England

  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Boil water efficiently and quickly, using foraged materials from the outdoors will boil in as little as 3 minutes!
  • Capacity; 500ml  - 1.5 ml depending on kettle (1 Mug - 5 Mugs )
  • All Storm Kettles come with a storeage bag.
  • Titanium Hard Anodise is available on all Storm Kettles.
  • Pan stands, Griddles and Whistles available as extras for all Storm Kettle.


To use:

Fill your Storm Kettle with water. 

Light a small fire in the base (you can use a sheet of newspaper to start it, followed by small twigs or cones).

Put the kettle on to the base, more fuel can be added through the top when necessary.

The water in the double skin surrounding the chimney boils quickly as heat from the fire passes up the centre.

Once the kettle has boiled, use the handle and the chain from the cork to help you pour the water safely.

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