Skike v8 Lift Cross 2R

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SKIKE v8 Lift Cross 2R

Top Notch all terrain cross ski with heal lift function.

So, what are Skike's and what is roller skiing?

Well, roller ski's and cross skates have been around for years, primarily as a way for cross country skiers to keep fit and the muscle memory sharp during the off season.

The concept and smoothness of the all terrain skate, which received the NEW PRODUCT AWARD in the category sports- and outdoor equipment* is unrivaled.

The well-engineered heel-lift system, micro shock absorbers, and a long wheelbase guarantee a ride that comes closer to ski skating than any roller ski. Light, strong and with several individual setting options.

The skike v8 Lift CROSS is a top-notch Nordic  style Skate.

The model‘s construction bases on a two-part frame that provides a permanent heel lift function. It has a 40mm longer wheelbase than previous models (total length 540 mm), thus offers a much more stable, safer, and smoother ride.

The handling of this Nordic skate approaches the cross-country skiing skating style more than ever before.

The skike v8 LIFT CROSS is prepared for difficult alpine climbs, as well as for tours in lesser challenging terrain. Besides this, it‘s the perfect training equipment for those who want to ski without having snow.*Kielce Sport-Expo 2015

  • Content: 1 Set skike v8 LIFT Cross 2R (left and right)
    • Technical Details
    • • Mobile with leisure, tennis or outdoor shoes
    • • Shoe sizes : 36 47, adjustable heel strap
    • • Wheel diameter : 150 mm (CROSS)
    • • Bearings: ABEC7 6901 2RS in industrial quality
    • • Wheelbase : 540mm
    • • Weight : about 2 kg per skike
    • • Light weight aluminum 2-piece frame
    • • Adjustable patented X / O leg compensation
    • • Effective patented brakes on both skikes
    • • Officially confirmed deceleration values of more than 6.5 m/s²
    • Fitting wheels and tires
    • • CROSS : 6.25 Inch Road Star 107 PSI, 7.5 BAR
    • • CROSS 2R/4R : 6.25 Inch Road Star 107 PSI, 7.5 BAR with reverse locks
    • By replacing the Cross wheels with 125 mm PU wheels this model can easily be converted into the SPEED version.