Skike V07 Fix Cross

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So, what are Skike's and what is roller skiing?

Well, roller ski's and cross skates have been around for years, primarily as a way for cross country skiers to keep fit and the muscle memory sharp during the off season.

The new skike v7 FIX makes Nordic Skating a real sporting fun. Know-how and experiences collected by skikers and designers over years were incorporated into this model.

Every detail makes this Cross skate a perfectly tuned high-end sports equipment. The v7 FIX is based on the proven v07 PLUS frame.

Equipped with new components such as the rim, which can also be retrofitted with new CROSS reverse locks with double holding power, and valuable belts, fixed at the end with a stopper so that no extra-threating is needed.

Convenient quick releases can now be found at the brake and at calf molds too. High quality, improved clamping elements ensure a stronger hold. 

  • Technical Details
  • • Mobile with leisure, tennis or outdoor shoes
  • • Shoe sizes : 36 47, adjustable heel strap
  • • Wheel diameter : 150 mm
  • • Bearings: ABEC7 6901 2RS in industrial quality
  • • Wheelbase : 500mm
  • • Weight : about 2 kg per skike
  • • Light weight aluminum 2-piece frame
  • • Adjustable patented X / O leg compensation
  • • Effective patented brakes on both skikes
  • • Officially confirmed deceleration values of more than 6.5 m/s²
  • • until 120kg body weight