Seven Surdboards WMD Fish 6'1" x 20.5" 30Litres

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Seven Surfboards WMD 6'1'' Fish
The 7S WMD has high performance rails and a super thin swallowtail that gives quick acceleration and thrust out of every bottom turn.

The WMD's entry rocker and tail are very flat allowing the rider to get in and set up early as well as generate speed quickly after spins and vertical cutbacks.

Its signature 3/4 length single concave enhances the easy rocker profile providing plenty of lift.

The WMD's single flyer swallowtail is combined with a spiral vee behind the front fins giving the board two major advantages: the drive of a thruster and the pivot and easy recovery of a wide twin fin.

Ride it as a thruster or a twinster - with a little trailer fin. This board is designed to go fast.


"I definitely consider the WMD a must have for your quiver, but don't be surprised if it ends up as your number 1!"


6'1'' 20 1/2'' 2 7/16'' 30 ltr FCS M5 75kg