RuffWear Headwater Collar

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RuffWear Headwater Collar

waterproof, stink-proof, reflective, perfect for when pooch comes paddling!

Our answer to the question: Do you make a stink-proof collar for my water-lovin' dog? Yes we do. And here it is. 

It's no secret that dog gear can smell particularly funky - especially when wet. This dog collar won't absorb moisture or the stench that goes with it. The construction is solid: We use the same stitch method that's proven trustworthy on parachute harnesses and trucker tie-down straps. Every component is rust-proof and water-worthy. 

The Headwater Collar is a waterproof, stink-proof and reflective collar, great for dogs who love to swim in rivers, play in water or go for walks in the rain!

  • Proven reliable 4-point stitching method is trusted on parachute bridles and tie-down straps
  • Anodized 1-peice aluminium V-ring provides a secure leash attachment point
  • Waterproof coated 1-inch webbing keeps collar stink proof and looking new
  • Highly visible reflective pattern
  • Minimal tag jingle with silicone tag silencer

Colour: Fern Green