• Red Chili Men's Matador Velcro Climbing Shoe

Red Chili Men's Matador Velcro Climbing Shoe

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THE MATADOR IS RED CHILI’S HOTTEST SHOE, capturing perfectly the essence of modern sports climbing and bouldering in an authentic precision package

Our ‘perfect shoe’, the Matador was designed for and refined by some of Europe's top climbers. Technically, a super-tensioned, toe down, low-stretch synthetic upper forces the foot forward giving peerless purchase even at extreme angles.

At the same time triple VCR strapping keeps the foot perfectly anchored - while allowing quick and easy adjustment - and underfoot a sensitive midsole gives amazing feedback without sacrificing power.

Add in extended, profiled arch rubber for awesome scummin’, a great heel cup plus bonus toe rubber and here’s a shoe with more traction than ever before.

A design masterpiece, the Matador is Red Chili’s most advanced shoe and the most precise and powerful VCR shoe around. Special characteristics: tight fit, medium asymetrical build, downturn, super sharp toe profile.

This product is sold out

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