Nikwax Waterproofing: TX Direct 1L

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Nikwax Waterproofing TX Direct 1L

Washing and reproofing your waterproof will improve performance and longevity. This should be done with the use of gentle non-detergent based cleaners so that the weatherproofed coatings are not stripped off (with DWR) and so pores stay unclogged (as with membranes such as GORE-Tex and e-Vent).  You should retreat your waterproof garments every 4-6 months, depending on usage.

Waterproof garments can be treated with a wash-in product in the washing machine, or spray-on solution. Sprays are best suited for coatings, whereas wash-in treatments work best with membranes.

Nikwax treatments coat fabric and leather fibres with a network of elastic TX.10i water-repellent molecules. They bond to anything that is not water-repellent, but leave the spaces between fibres open and breathable. Nikwax treatments can flex and move with the fabric and leather fibres. That is why Nikwax treatments can withstand several washings and remain whereas the competitors must be re-applied after each wash.

If your waterproof clothing or equipment is relatively new, or recently treated with a Nikwax waterproofer, then cleaning with Nikwax Tech Wash® will not only remove contaminants, such as dirt and residues left behind by household detergents, but also revitalise DWR.