Lyon Equipment Hydrapak Velocity 1.5L Reservoir

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Weight 120 g

Hydrapak Velocity 1.5L Reservoir

Here is the gear of an essential runner. Designed to be more comfortable in vests and backpacks, Hydrapak Velocity 1.5L hydration bag features a new ergonomic upper for sliding closure. It is the lightest hydration bag so far, and the wide opening makes fast recharges in the assistance stations. Never run out.

At Hydrapak, for almost two decades, they have been pushing the boundaries of design and innovation to redefine the future of hydration.

His stance is simple, relentlessly creating the best hydration solutions for people driven by and for performance.


Technical features of Hydrapak Velocity 1.5L hydration bag

· Redesigned ergonomic slider without sharp edges

· Slide-Seal ™ lid opens wide for quick filling and tightly closes for a leak-proof seal

· 36 "HydraFlex beverage hose that does not fold provides a constant flow

· Blaster ™ high-flow bite valve automatically seals after each sip and features a rotating bar to prevent leaks when not in use

· The Plug-N-Play ™ connection system allows you to easily disconnect the beverage tube (an automatic shut-off valve prevents leaks) and remove the reservoir from its package for a convenient recharge

· Deposit easily attached in your hydration pack with the package clip included

· Fully reversible for easy cleaning and drying, safe for premium dishwashers

· Made from light welded TPU and RF abrasion resistant seams for superior durability and elasticity

· Wide working temperature range (can be frozen - maximum temperature 60 ° C / 140 ° F)

· Safe and reliable, 100% free of BPA and PVC


Technical specifications

· Capacity: 1.5 L / 50 fl oz

· Weight: 120 g / 4.2 oz

· Dimensions: 317 mm / 12.4 in x 152 mm / 5.9 in

· Material: Thermoplastic polyurethane; HDPE; Silicone