Lifeventure Tritan Bottle pink 650 ml

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Whether you need a water bottle for long walks, for the gym or climbing wall or simply think you don't drink enough water this Tritan bottle from Lifeventure is for you. Impact resistant and BPA free, the strong material does not retain tastes or odours and is incredibly easy to keep clean and refill with a large neck and removable screw top cap. What makes this bottle so unusual is the spout. Lifeventure have added an airhole, so air enters the bottle whilst you drink making it smooth and enjoyable to use. There is even a scale on the side so that you can keep track of how much water you are drinking, great for anyone who is doing high energy activities and needs to stay hydrated. It won't leak, crack or be difficult to drink from. Overall a fantastic water bottle.


Colours: Pink or Grey