Kupilka 5 Shot Cup

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There are numerous benefits if you compare the composite material to normal plastics. To name a few, they have better heat endurance and a better durability thanks to their stiff structure.

They also allow the use of engraving techniques (yes you can get your Kupilka product engraved to personalise it!). If you compare the natural fibre composites to wood, the most important benefit is that the composite does not require maintenance.

Also, it does not "absorb" smells and it is insensitive to humidity. KUPILKA products are made from Kareline® Natural Fibre Composite material. The biomaterial consists of 50% pine fibre (wood) and 50% thermoplastic.

With reindeer leather carry cord

Dishwasher safe and recyclable

Volume 5 cl / 1.69 fl oz

Weight 26 g / 0.92 ounces

Height 57 mm x width 43 mm x length 78 mm

Made in Finland using green electricity