• Kampa Rubber Mallet 16oz

Kampa Rubber Mallet


Kampa Rubber Mallet 16oz

  • 16oz
  • Steel shaft
  • The Kampa Rubber Mallet is manufactured with a steel shaft for extra strength and the rubber grab handle ensures comfort and extra grip whilst in use. 

  • Ideal when pegging down all types of tent pegs and can be used for trailer tents, party tents, and all types of camping shelters.

  • The Kampa Rubber Mallet can be packed easily in a rucksac, hold all bag, or even carried and stored in the tent bag itself without adding excessive weight to the pack.  Available in two weights 16 or 24 ounces

    Rubber grab handle
    Steel shaft
    Available in either 16 or 24 oz

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