• Janga Queen Rock Ivy 2mm/2mm hot pant wetsuit
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  • Janga Queen Rock Ivy Hot Pant

Janga Queen Rock Ivy Hot Pant


Janga Wetsuits, fresh rubber from the shores of Portugal!

Janga Wetsuits UK Stockist

We Wear Janga

Queen Rock 2mm/2mm - Ivy


  • JANGA says : "Some people like to rock and roll“

    - Top Notch JANGAprene for the GALZ
    - Super stretch and gummiest neoprene
    - Quick Dry inside Lining 
    - Light weight
    - 3 x stitched + GBS
    - Slimming pattern
    - Reeinforced stress points 
    - Mindblowing wetsuit

  • Ideal for open water swimming, surfing and paddle boarding, tri Athlons and run swims. Easy to get off, Flexible and light!
  • Janga says: “Not Much To Say... 
    One Of The Best galz Jangas So Far.

  • - Rare, hard to find, can't see your size, then contact us! 

Janga, an independent family run wetsuit brand from the longest point break in Europe, we can't tell you where other than it's in Portugal.

Hardcore and underground, Janga wetsuits are some of the best on the planet, but they won't tell you that, you need to discover for yourself. We don't advertise by the normal means, we let folks talk and share the stoke. 

As worn by WSL Pro Surfers Silvana Lima, William Cardso, Big wave surfer Hector Alves and others. 

Seek and you will find, don't follow, kidnap yourself. Wear Janga!


Janga Wetsuits, Janga Revolt, Dont follow !

Janga Wetsuits make the finest wetsuits in the world ! hands down, don't argue!

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