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Furnace Industries is proud to introduce DRY ICE Tools for adults and ICICLES tm, the world's first youth-sized indoor ice tool, available for purchase HERE.

ICICLES were developed in response to overwhelming requests from our customers for a tool with a slightly smaller handle for climbers with reduced volume hands. ICICLES feature a similar handle design as our popular DRY ICE® Tool with one major difference, the handle size has been reduced by 30%. The strap design is the same as our on our full size DRY ICE Tool, making the straps interchangeable between tool sizes.

ICICLES provide climbing gyms an opportunity to offer their members, clubs teams, and especially youth programs a user-friendly introduction to the ice / mixed climbing world.

DRY ICE Tools and ICICLES feature a stiff rubber strap attached to a handle fashioned in the likeness of an ice axe. Climbers use them as if they were dry tooling by simply placing the rubber loop of the tool over the in-situ holds of the climbing facility. The degree that a hold is ‘positive’ (as in, how well the strap hooks over the hold) and the specific direction that the hold must be used in order for the strap to engage, accurately imitate the muscular motions and particular idiosyncrasies of ice / mixed climbing. In fact, the specific climbing motion of the tools works far more muscle groups of the body than one expects, increasing the positive results.

The advantages of this design are clear; there are no sharp edges, there is no need for special ice imitating holds, and there is no costly damage to the climbing wall as when real steel picks are used indoors.

ICICLES and DRY ICE Tools are produced by Furnace Industries, LLC, based in the legendary Shawangunk Mountains of Upstate NY. ICICLES and DRY ICE Tools are the brainchild of George Fisher, master carpenter and long time all around rock and ice climber, and Ben Carlson, a rock and ice climbing guide in New York State with over 25 years of climbing experience from the Himalaya to the Sierra.

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