Guide: Walking in the South Wales Valleys

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Guide Walking in the South Wales Valleys

The 32 walks in this guidebook give all the
information walkers need to enjoy the
refreshingly green, lush surroundings of the
South Wales Valleys. Full of superb walking
opportunities at every turn, the Valleys offer
a surprising level of variety crammed into a
compact and easily accessible area.
Its rich history is highlighted by Iron Age
forts, Celtic churches and Norman castles,
while the walks in the book often follow the
ancient tracks, Roman roads and old
packhorse trails that cross the region and
are still in use to this day.
There are expansive and uplifting views to be
had everywhere, with the broad sweep of the
Brecon Beacons to the north and the Severn
estuary and Devon hills to the south. Its
spectacular historic sites, picturesque rivers
and canals and a wonderful industrial
heritage mean it is a landscape to be slowly
savoured and thoroughly enjoyed.