• GSI: Outdoors Inifinity Back Packer Mug Red

GSI: Outdoors Inifinity Back Packer Mug Red


GSI Outdoors Inifinity Back packer Mug

Made of durable, non-leaching, 100% recyclable, clear Infinity polypropylene, this 17-oz. mug comes with an insulated sleeve to keep liquids hot or cold. This unimaginably lightweight, insulated mug is sure to become your favorite- and most handy piece of tableware.

Features & Specs

Spill-resistant top and sealable spout prevents loss of heat and drink alike.

Cloth-wrapped, foam sleeve insulates hands and contents for a secure grip.

Clean + Green, non-leaching, 100% recyclable polypropylene


Major Dimension: 17 fl oz.

Weight: 3.5 oz

Dimensions: 4.00'' x 3.60'' x 4.60''

Material: Clear Polypropylene

Product Use: Ultralight Backpacking, Gourmet Backpacking

17 fl. oz. Mug, Sealable Lid w/ Loop, Insulated Sleeve, Non-slip Foot


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