• DMM Viper Harness Starter Pack

DMM Viper Harness Starter Pack

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The Viper is a versatile, high quality harness – in fact it’s a great all rounder, which is both lightweight and extremely comfortable.

The floating waist belt construction guarantees a neat fit, with the gear loops, padding and belay loop all correctly aligned.

We’ve added a copious five loop racking system for easy access to all of your gear. Slide Lock buckles give quick adjustment and a secure fit.

The ideal harness at the wall, on the crag, or up the mountain.

Also available as part of our super-value Viper Pack

Viper Starter Pack Contains:

  • DMM Aero Hms Screwgate
  • DMM Bug Belay Device
  • DMM Tube Chalkbag
  • DMM Viper Harness (3 sizes, S, M or L)
  • DMM Chalk Ball

All comes in a neat little bag.

Please Note: The colour of the chalkbag and belay device will vary

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