• DMM 1 Beam Boa HMS (30KN) Screwgate Carabiner

DMM I Beam Boa HMS (30kN) Screwgate Carabiner


This is the ‘Big Daddy’ of lockers – the ultimate rigging biner and one which is super strong and super tough.


It is large enough to accommodate several knots and has a very wide gate opening – just what you need in a rigging situation. All of which makes it a great centre use biner, but the story doesn’t end there.


Despite its name, the Big Boa is surprisingly light; by giving it an I-Beam construction DMM reduced the overall weight by almost 25%. Add in the fact that it is easy to handle in gloves and the appeal to winter climbers is obvious.


  • Large clean nose HMS locking biner
  • Ideal for rigging; can accommodate multiple knots
  • Large gate opening
  • Easy to handle in gloves
  • Strong I-Beam construction to save weight (almost 25% reduction)


Colour: Gunmetal Grey

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