• DMM Finger Tape

DMM Finger Tape

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DMM Finger Tape

Finger injuries are an occupational hazard for the modern climber. Whatever the ailment, be it a bruised ring pulley, a collateral ligament strain, even just an annoying flapper or cut, it pays to have a roll of finger tape in your rucsac.

Our finger tape comes in a generous 10m long roll. It’s also low stretch and nice and sticky so it’ll stay secure all day.

Top tip: If you like climbing cracks, but are not too keen on lacerating your hands every time you go out, try making a protective tape glove. Techniques for this vary, as a quick Google search will show. If you get it right it is possible to construct a re-useable open handed glove, although after a few sessions you will have to start afresh. At least it’ll be the tape that is getting trashed and not your skin!


  • Finger injury tape
  • Low stretch and sticky to ensure a secure and supportive hold
  • 10m long by 2.5cm wide

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