• DMM Dragon Cam Set
  • DMM Dragon Cam  Set

DMM Dragon Cam Set

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This is a special deal for a prepackaged set which includes the three mid-range sizes, i.e. Dragon Cam Size 2, Dragon Cam Size 3 and Dragon Cam Size 4. These will allow you to protect a range of placements from 24.0mm up to 64.0mm.
DMM's latest cams incorporate genuine design innovation. The twin axle offers an excellent camming range so that there is more chance of the perfect placement whilst at the same time the Dragon cams have the optimum 13.75 degree camming angle giving excellent holding power.


These cams use a single stem with an aluminium head that allows a doubled over 8mm dyneema sling to be threaded onto it. This means that the cam can be extended massively which prevents the cam 'walking' and also means you have to carry less quickdraws. Because the cams use this type of aluminium head it does not have a thumb loop which is common to many designs of cam.


This makes the Dragons much more easy to use when wearing gloves as you don’t have to fit a fat, gloved thumb through a small hole to use them. Made in six sizes from 20mm - 114mm the Dragons are colour coded to aid identification and have a fairly strong yet smooth trigger action that makes them pleasant to place. The Dragon cams are some of the best we've ever seen and offer a significant step forward in cam design and weight.

Set includes size 2, 3 & 4.

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