• DMM Centre Alpine Harness

DMM Centre Alpine Harness

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This is the original and highly acclaimed centre harness.

It has a simple, robust design with thread back buckles and a huge range of fit. The central tie-in point has a high position, making it easy to use and also reducing the chance of inversion, should the wearer part company with the rock.


”This is an excellent, cost efficient and durable centre harness. They are good for novices as there’s very little faff and they are easy to understand. The colour coding on the leg loops work well and they are easy to step into. I like the high tie in point too as it helps to keep people, especially kids, upright in a fall situation. The buckle system is simple and neat, and it is easy to see if a kid has played with the buckle. The size range is also huge – I’ve fitted them onto the full range of body shapes and sizes, from my 5 year old daughter to a 60 year old man.”
- Mark ‘Baggy’ Richards, Manager, Blue Peris Mountain Centre, Dinorwig, North Wales


  • Centre harness
  • Tough 44mm webbing
  • Colour coded high tie in point
  • Red colour coded right leg loop for ease of fitting
  • Colour coded thread back buckles
  • Elastic leg retainers
  • Single (removable) sliding gear loop
  • Available in Regular and X-Large
  • Available with ABS buckles

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