• Fuel4 Bio-Ethanol Gel Fuel

Vango Fuel4 Bio-Ethanol Gel Fuel

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Fuel4 Bio-Ethanol Gel is a non-toxic and environmentally-friendly cooking fuel. The gel formulation doesn't spill, making it far safer than the alternative fuels on the market today.


Non Spill

Non Toxic


Long Burning: 200ml burns for 60-90 minutes / 1L burns for 7-9 hours


Environmentally friendly

Flexible pouch means the gel refill pouch will easily fit around the other items in your rucksack without fear of leakages.

Easy fill pouch refills directly from 1L tin to prevent spillage and mess

Fuel4 Gel works perfectly for cooking, heating and firelighting

Butane/propane gas is explosive. Methylated spirits are toxic and carry the risk of dangerous spills. Hexamine emits toxic gases and absorbs moisture. Wood emits harmful particles from smoke. Fuel4 is safer and has none of the harmful effects of these substances.

Approved by The Scout Association for use on Scouting expeditions etc

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