The Apex Outdoor Adventure Team

The Apex Outdoor Adventure Team

These guys make us rock!

They aren't big name, super star athletes, but rather everyday guys and gals who are going for it, we support the local heroes! These are the guys that are like me and you but go out of their way to do extra ordinary things, in return we are proud to show them some support.

Kev Brady:

Adventure endurance athlete and fund raiser. Kev is the first person to have swum source to sea on the River Severn, has solo unsupported canoed the length of the Mississippi during one of the longest and coldest winters in USA history of those states. He has also ridden cross Turkey dressed as Batman on a £50 mountain bike and all to raise money to help kids get medical care unavailable in the UK. Kev is a truly inspirational, fun loving and generous individual. Kev is 32 years old and lives in Gloucester. His next adventure might involved Iceland....



Danni Gane:

3 years ago Danni lost her Dad to cancer which inspired her to raise money for Marie Curie via some adventurous ideas.  Two years ago she cycled 62 miles round London though the night on her Dads old road bike Not easy when you have not been on a bike since age of 17 after a bad cycling accident. This year Danni is pushing herself even further and is trekking the Canadian Rockies. Danni is 33 years old, mum of 3 and lives in the Forest of Dean.


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