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Wild Country, one of the most iconic names in climbing, the guys who turned the climbing world on its head with their invention of the Friend camming device. If you have ever had a wobbler on a run out lead and theres a perfect crack staring back at you, reaching for a Friend and popping it into that crack and clipping it is the best feeling in the world. 'Thank God' is often the phrase that springs to mind! 

Friends were the brainchild of US climber Ray Jardine who Mark had met in the USA a few years earlier. Then when Ray couldn’t find a partner in the US to develop and produce his revolutionary new unit Mark and he joined forces and Wild Country was born. Founded in 1977, at a tiny factory in a village in the heart of the UK's Peak district, Wild Country went from strength to strength on the back of this revolutionary tool and became a name synonymous with hard climbing everywhere.

"Finally he said, "have you got the bag of Friends, Ray?", the name stuck."

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  • Wild Country Anodised Rocks

    Wild Country Anodised Rocks

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    Wild Country Anodised Rocks

    Wild Country Anodised Rocks


    Wild Country Anodised Rocks The original curved nut, and probably the best selling piece of protection ever made, Wild Country Rocks continue to lead the pack. Offering a host of unbeatable features they add an extra dimension to any rack making selection and placement faster and better than ever.Anodised Rocks are based on the original rocks, the first ever curved nut, but have been updated to became to bechmark unit for the modern era. Recently overhauled the current range has the thinnest, lightest sidewalls possible making them incredibly light for their size and meaning you can carry more for less weight. There's an increased range as well with the Rocks 11 -14 becoming a great wired equivalent to the mega-useful Rockentrics. This means they are a simple and cheap equivalent to bigger cams for those just starting out as well as better tool for winter climbing.Additionally, subtle matt anodising makes Rocks easier to distinguish and faster to select. It is also important to note that each colour co-ordinates with the equivalent Friend and Zero size as well as all other colour coded Wild Country products. e.g a Rock 6 in Red is the same size as a Zero cam 6 and a Friend 0. Finally a neat five degree side cut gives new and more solid ‘end-on’ placement possibilities.All Rocks are individually tested and 3 sigma rated.Features:Tapered sides, thinner side walls, colour coding, fourteen sizes. Sets available 1-8 / 9-14. 6082 T6 alloy 3 Sigma rated, CE EN12270, UIAA 122.
  • Wild Country Helium Friends (Cams) Wild Country Helium Friends (Cams) Quick View
    Wild Country Helium Friends (Cams)

    Wild Country Helium Friends (Cams)


    Wild Country Helium Friends (Cams) SPECIAL OFFER RRP £54 OFFER £40 For only the third time in 33 years Friends have truly changed. The new Helium Friend is lighter and more solid than ever, building on the unique heritage of the most inspired, innovative and copied product in climbing. Stylish, dynamic and ergonomic. the Helium Friend is designed to be the ultimate Friend and has been superbly re-engineered to achieve this aim. At the head, radically revised new hot forged cam lobes shed weight without loss of strength, create more range per unit and optimize the overlaps between sizes. At the base, a new thumb loop, trigger and sling combine to give a smoother action with more reach and extra clipping points. The Helium Friend redefines ease of use. As testament to the first Friends, the Helium stays true to the original, key, immutable concepts, those features Friends did first and best, that have been proved time and again since day one. So the Helium keeps a slick single stem and predictable single axle, a ‘floating’ trigger design and the awesome holding power of our 13.75 degree cam angle. It is this mix of old and new, classic and radical, of experience and proven design that makes the Helium Friend the most complete cam there is. This is the Friend that completes the sharpest lightest racks, the Friend for the hardest sends and the most insane cracks; the Friend to lead the next generation.Technology, Features and SpecificationsDesigning the Helium Friends from scratch has made some essential differences to it’s features, form and function. Significantly, Helium Friends have got a more concise and ordered range - trimming the number of units to nine - while at the same time each Friend’s individual range has increased and importantly so has the overlap between units, both adjacent and alternate. Simply put, this means there’s a better chance the unit either side of the one you need but don’t have will fit the placement you need it to - more placements with less units! The slick external overhaul also brings big benefits with a new stem/thumb loop making smoother triggering and giving a longer reach per unit, meaning deep placements are easier to place and remove and the new sling should mean less need to extend. However, not scrapping all that went before has also left lots of well tested features, instilling this new unit with an instant confidence and familiarity in the hand and creating a unit with an unrivalled combination of utility, durability and ergonomics.New Features:Hot forged cams, New trigger, New Thumb loop, New 12mm Dyn sling. Trigger stop, Nine Sizes. New springs, New stainless axle, All units 12kN, New stem cover. More reach, Up to 6% lighter per unit, Up to 20% more range per unit, Bigger overlaps.Classic Features:13.75 cam angle, Single axle, Single stem, Scaled head width, Full floating trigger with independent cam triggering, Full strength cam stops , Colour coded.
  • Wild Country Rockcentric On Dyneema Sling Quick View
    Wild Country Rockcentric On Dyneema Sling

    Wild Country Rockcentric On Dyneema Sling


    Another Wild Country first, Rockcentrics are a verstaile and ingenious take on the outmoded 'hex' which combine curved sides and light weight to make a highly regarded best seller.The success of the Rockcentric can be attributed to the combination of curved sides that seat much more effectively than flat sided nuts and the all-around ease of placement or removal - essentially curving the sides of a 'hex' was a simple step that had a dramatic effect. The other big plus point for the Rockcentric was its versatility, each nut provides four placement modes and as of two of these are 'camming style' placements, they make an effective starter tool for those who haven't got Friends.Rockcentrics are colour coded, come on on pre-sewn 12mm Dynnema and are rated at 12kn. Usings Dyneema also gives flexibility; it's better over edges and generally doesn't need lengthening. This allows a single krab to be used rather than a QD reducing the overall weight of the climber's rack.Overall, Rockcentrics are easy to select, easy to place, and their place amongst the best selling kit of all time is testament to their enduring usefulness. And there isn't really a rack which Rockcentrics don't suit, from the eager beginner, to the gnarliest winter freak these areFour placement options, Lightweight, Thin side walls, Colour coding, Seven sizes, Dyneema sling. Set available 3-9. 6082 T6 alloy 3 Sigma rated, CE EN12270, UIAA 122
    Wild Country Variable Rope Controller Belay Device Wild Country Variable Rope Controller Belay Device Quick View
    Wild Country Variable Rope Controller Belay Device

    Wild Country Variable Rope Controller Belay Device

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    Wild Country Variable Rope Controller Belay Device The Variable Controller was one of the first devices to move belay plates onto another level with its wedge shaped design, usable in two performance modes to give more stopping power or less friction depending on circumstance.This combined the best attributes of ‘flat’ plates with the best of the ‘deep’ plates meaning that when belaying rope could be fed quickly, but when abseiling more friction could be applied. However, since we now have the even more refined VC Pro 2 we have slightly widened out the slots on this original device to give extra performance on single ropes, making the VC better for indoor walls and single pitch routes. This means that the VC is most suited for ropes from 9mm to 11mm rather than the more modern super skinny trad ropes where the new VC Pro pulls rank.The VC is great value remains a solid and reliable tool in any climbers armoury and a great choice for climbers maybe not heading for the most extreme challenges. Set available with Synergy HMS Karabiners.
  • Wild Country Zero Friends (Cams) Wild Country Zero Friends (Cams) Quick View
    Wild Country Zero Friends (Cams)

    Wild Country Zero Friends (Cams)


    Wild Country Zero Friends (Cams) As a company dedicated to meeting, then beating, the standards of the day the Zeros project was the essential first part of our 21st century overhaul. This overhaul was dedicated to making the lightest gear possible. Inspired by the new era of speed ascents in the Valley by the Hubers, Dean Potter, Leo Houlding and the new wave of uber-difficult clean-aid routes others we felt that the time was ripe for the original cam company to make its contribution. Talking to our guys 'on the ground' and plenty of retailers we tried to figure was missing from the rack - what tools could make the difference? Something that could advance tiny 'clean' placements, that was so light it was no burden to carry, that was so flexible at the head it wouldn't lever out or break the placement?For all of these questions there seemed one obvious solution and the Zeros project was born. A success from day one these incredible cams have a combination of features that makes us sure that Zeros are 'clever' enough and strong enough to satisfy the demands of cutting edge climbers for the ultimate tool in their quest for more and more extreme adventures.The smallest and lightest cams ever made, Zero Friends were designed without compromise; flexible, strong and reliable, they are perfect for free or aid climbing and essential kit on every hardcore rack.Direct Loading Axle, Camstops, Guided Triggers, Flexistem, Original 13.75 Cam angle, Light 10mm Dyn Extendable Sling, Colour coded.

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