The manufacture of the KUPILKA products started in 2003.

KUPILKA products have been designed by Kari Kuisma together with a well-known Finnish architect and designer Heikki Koivurova. KUPILKA means a “little cup” and the word stems from the Finnish word “kuppi”. It also refers to a term used by Finnish people decades ago, when men and women warmed up their hands with their “kupilka” or “little cup” by drinking hot beverages during the rough Finnish winters.


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    Kupilka 5 Shot Cup Kupilka 5 Shot Cup Quick View
    Kupilka 5 Shot Cup

    Kupilka 5 Shot Cup

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    One of our absolute fav products of this winter!! when we saw this we knew we had to stock them! These Number 5 Shot Cups are perfect to throw around your neck to be forever ready for that shot of espresso from your favourite coffee shop ( Base Camp Coffee at Apex of Course!), a Warming shot of Vodka whilst watching the Northern Lights in Tromso or a swig of Reindeer stew straight from the pot in a Finnish woodland camp. There are numerous benefits if you compare the composite material to normal plastics. To name a few, they have better heat endurance and a better durability thanks to their stiff structure. They also allow the use of engraving techniques (yes you can get your Kupilka product engraved to personalise it!). If you compare the natural fibre composites to wood, the most important benefit is that the composite does not require maintenance. Also, it does not "absorb" smells and it is insensitive to humidity. KUPILKA products are made from Kareline® Natural Fibre Composite material. The biomaterial consists of 50% pine fibre (wood) and 50% thermoplastic. With reindeer leather carry cord Dishwasher safe and recyclable Volume 5 cl / 1.69 fl oz Weight 26 g / 0.92 ounces Height 57 mm x width 43 mm x length 78 mm Made in Finland using green electricity
  • Kupilka 14 small plate Kupilka 14 small plate Quick View
    Kupilka 14 small plate

    Kupilka 14 small plate


    This is a great little plate, it fits in to a day sack pocket easily for those back packing wekeends away, picnics and berry picking sessions. Made from Kareline a natural fibre composite bio- material using green electricity in the heart of Finland.    

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