This American company makes some of the worlds leading chargers and electronic outdoor gear, take power with you anywhere, literally!

From take with you sola chargers, head torches that will also charge your phone to compasses and even base camp power packs, these guys make it tough an rugged and built for the outdoors.

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  • Brunton Double Back Light Brunton Double Back Light Quick View
    Brunton Double Back Light

    Brunton Double Back Light


    Brunton Double Back Light The Brunton Double-Back Light is the most versatile light you can carry and a must-have on every adventure. Flexible straps wrap around bike seat post or handlebars, tent poles, tree limbs, trekking staff, backpack D-rings - virtually anywhere you need light for illumination, signaling or emergencies. Twin LED bulbs provide steady or flashing illumination up to 80 hours. Flexible Strap that is used to "Double Back" onto itself to wrap around its subject 2 GREEN LED lights for better night vision Single light mode Emergency Flash mode Up to 80 Hours Battery life
    Brunton O.S.S. 40B Baseplate Compass Quick View
    Brunton O.S.S. 40B Baseplate Compass

    Brunton O.S.S. 40B Baseplate Compass

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    Brunton's O.S.S. 40B Baseplate Compass is packed with useful features and oozes quality. Note the magnifier bead - very cute. Brunton says: Building upon the success of the original 8096 Adventure Race compass the new 40B boasts the BRUNTON O.S.S. circle over circle alignment system giving it ease and accuracy and the UTM roamer scales take it to the next level. An extra-thick base plate ensures strength on the course. Includes a latitude longitude and UTM template for those critical details.   An Extra-thick Base Plate Ensures Strength On The Course. Includes A Latitude, Longitude and UTM Template For Those Critical Details. Brunton O.S.S. Alignment System Tool Free Declination Adjustment Magnified Read-out For 1 Degree Accuracy
  • Brunton Pulse 1500 Booster Quick View
    Brunton Pulse 1500 Booster

    Brunton Pulse 1500 Booster


    Brunton Pulse 1500 Booster Sometimes all you need is that last bit of energy to make that connection, make that call and make it all come together. So small that you won’t notice it until you really need it, the Brunton Pulse™ 1500 will keep you up and running through a long day on the road, or a late night on the town.   Lithium Polymer Energy – High-grade Lithium polymer cells charge faster and last longer; no memory and minimal discharge; 1000 cycles at 80% capacity Charge Time – USB - 1.5 hours; ac/usb - 1.5 hours; Solaris® 4 USB - 2 to 3 hours Charging Capacity- 1x smart phone charge LITHIUM POLYMER BATTERY 1500mAh  POWER OUTPUT – 1 Amp SPECS – 2.75x2.75x0.5", 2oz INPUT – INTEGRATED USB OUTPUT – Standard USB + micro USB

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