Based in the wilds of Scotland, these guys know everything there is to know about feet and footwear literally. The are most well known for their professional footwear courses that many of us outdoor retail guys have done over the years, they introduced Superfeet to the UK and around 10 years ago decided to start making their own boots based on their knowledge.

Working with Asolo, Vibram and some top spooky guys who used to work for Gore-Tex, they developed their own boots, the Q range (Quantom). Based on the British shaped foot their range are super comfy, fit great and are designed for our weather and terrain. Perfect for Munro bagging!

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  • Anatom Fine Tune Fit Heel lift Quick View
    Anatom Fine Tune Fit Heel lift

    Anatom Fine Tune Fit Heel lift


    Anatom Fine Tune Fit Heel lift. Custom tune the fit of your footwear with these handy Heel Lifts. Fitting a pair of heel lifts underneath your insoles will reduce the volume at the rear of your footwear, improving the fit and feel.

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