Meet the Apex Staff - Mark 'Radders' Raddenbury

Meet the Apex Staff:
Mark 'Radders' Raddenbury

Hi, my names Mark Raddenbury i work at Apex in both the Monmouth and Coleford shops and i also race Radio Controlled Cars. At this point, you’ll already be wondering if you’ve arrived in the right newsletter. Congratulations, you have. I may be seen as the big kid that plays with toys cars, but I’m also one of your friendly Apex Outdoor staff members. To narrow down which one I am, I’m the one with the beard, but also with the piercings and the dashing good looks.
I love the outdoor life which, surprisingly, does go hand in hand with my chosen sport/hobby of RC Car racing. It will probably come as a shock to some of you, but the sport of RC doesn’t just happen in a warm cosy sports hall, on some lovely high grip carpet. No, no dear reader, we also race outside on specific tarmac tracks, whatever the weather! I’ve raced in glorious sunshine, whilst having to coat my entire body in factor 50 suncream (Ginger you know, I burn terribly easy). And I’ve also had to race in the complete opposite, A horrendous storm where you wonder why the heck you even bothered getting out of bed in the first place. We race these 1/10th scale, over powered toys (which go 60 mph+ in my class) up and down the country. I’ve travelled as near as Cotswolds airport and as far as Stonehaven in Scotland to fulfil my obligations, not just to myself, but to my sponsors. I’ve come last, I’ve come first and it’s been fantastic.
Why do I do it? Is it because I’m still trying to cling onto some small part of my youth? I do it because I love it. It's why any of us partake in anything to do with the outside life. Be it clinging to a rock somewhere in the Wye Valley (also another passion of mine) or stomping up Pen-Y-Fan in the mist and fog with a hangover (also done that). I love the people, I love meeting new people and having those new experiences. Hearing the stories, hearing the passion. Those who know me, know I’m a very driven person (excuse the pun) and that I love working in retail and being able to give people a chance to get those “experiences” in life that we all so desperately need.
Why else do I do it? Because I know that whilst hating the driving rain, the scorching sun, the horrid winds, the immense chill in my toes and fingers, at the time… I’ll still be smiling, because I love what I’m doing. Live what you love, and love what you live, that's why we’re all here. Right?

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